Real Estate Guide for Cottonwood Townhouses, Maple Ridge in Vancouver, Canada

If you are interested in purchasing a property in Maple Ridge, Vancouver, Canada, one other area or community you need to look at is Cottonwood.

The city of Maple Ridge in itself is a great place in British Columbia, Canada. In Maple Ridge, there are 11 neighborhoods that you can choose from. One of them is Cottonwood.

Maple Ridge is a great area to live in if you want to be near nature. It is situated right between a river and a picturesque set of mountain summits overlooking the city. The city is steeped in history, with plenty of areas to visit.

The climate is mostly accepting, with heat and cold coming during the summers and winters respectively.

For those who are interested in buying and selling properties, let’s talk about the real estate guide for Cottonwood Townhouses.

Cottonwood Townhouses Real Estate Guide

Most of these statistics and figures are based on Maple Ridge MLS statistics.

Let’s Talk Money

Probably the single most important thing that people want to know when purchasing a house is the cost. How much does it all cost?

Out of all of Cottonwood, the average price in the home listing prices sits a little above a million dollars. The real figure is $1,039,000. This average price is almost 10% above the average of all home prices in Maple Ridge.

This is most likely due to the types of properties in the Cottonwood area, as well as the quality of living in the area.

For a townhouse though, the research is a lot lower than the average price. For townhouses, the average home listing is $602,000. This is a lot lower than the aforementioned average price of the area. It is great value for the area.

The most expensive Cottonwood townhouses can reach up to $800,000. The price of the townhouses can go as low as $310,000.

Nearby locations

Let’s look at the various locations nearby and how their prices compare.

There are several neighborhoods close to Cottonwood. These include neighborhoods like Websters Corners, Albion, and Thornhill.
Websters Corners is on the upper end of the price spectrum. The average price here is upwards of $1,800,000. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Albio, with an average price upwards of $1,100,000.

Cottonwood shares the same ambience with these neighborhoods, while costing a bit less. It is listed as the number 5 neighborhood out of 12 in Maple Ridge.

On the Home Listings

Most reports on Cottonwood real estate as of early September suggests that there are at least 60 to 70 properties for sale. Approximately half of them are detached houses, with the other half as townhouses. There are no condos in the area.

Real estate trends indicate that more than 20% of properties sell under just 10 days once the property has been placed on the market. More than 20% of the properties also sell above the asking price. It is well above the average price in Maple Ridge.

The properties are likely to stay on the market for around 54 days. The standard selling to listing price ratio is 99.9%.

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