RE: Testimonial Letter / Tony Kelly - Vendor and Buyer

I am writing this thank you note to acknowledge and express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for Rob’s tremendous work in the sale of my former home in Delta and the purchase of my new home here in Maple Ridge.

My first contact with Rob was earlier this year, while I was looking for a new place in and around the Maple Ridge area; in fact he was representing the owner of the home I now live in.

From the moment I walked into this house and met Rob for the first time, who I will add, was very courteous, friendly, who presented himself very professionally, making me feel at ease straight away.

His open and honest approach was very welcoming, certainly a lot different from what I had experienced when visiting other “open houses”, other representatives who thought they knew it all, been there, done that and so on, not really interested except to get a quick sale, at the cheapest price, there was nothing like this with Rob.

He listened to what I was looking for, he listened to what I had to work with, he was open-minded, very approachable and receptive to my “wants”. He was certainly very knowledgeable about the home I was looking at, obviously he had taken the time to get to know the house in great detail, and Rob knew that area very well, which was very helpful for me. During the negotiation stage, he went “above and beyond” in terms of providing additional details that I was asking about, stuff he didn’t need to do, but he did, and the extra effort and dedicated time that he put in every weekend to ensure that my old place was always shown at its best, attending every open-house was out-standing.

In terms of selling my old home, Rob was very involved from the on-set, he didn’t just put up a “For Sale Board” and that was it, he had many new ideas about the marketing, how and when it should be done, what I needed to do the sell quickly, he did his own extensive research in and around the area so that we knew what we would be compared against. It was only through his professional knowledge, modern ideas and out-standing skill-set within the real-estate business, that we sold really quickly, in fact we even had a back-up offer ready to step in, if needed… fortunately we didn’t, and through his persistence, his tenacity to see the job through to the end, the sale went through on time, without any problems, and I got the price I wanted!

I would have no hesitation what so-ever, in recommending Rob to family and friends, the service that he provides is out-standing, he is true to his word, delivering on his promise, great job, well and thanks again Rob.

Tony Kelly,

RE: Testimonial Letter / Michael Schlingmann - Vendor and Buyer

I would like to take a quick second and write about how great a job Rob did for our family in finding the house we were looking for. My wife and I spent a good month looking for a house in Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge/Langley on the internet from Oakville Ontario. We were introduced through mutual friends who had had Rob help find them their house recently. After a number of phone conversations we were very comfortable with his professionalism and overall personality to use him in narrowing down our ‘whirlwind’ search.

Needless to say we arrived on a Thursday night and set out all day Friday and Saturday on the seemingly endless quest. Rob is a very patient man. I believe I dragged him through over 30 houses in those two days until we found what we wanted (this is our 6th move so we are quite particular). His professionalism and knack for negotiation made our deal get resolved quite quickly and with no bloodshed. On a side note I would also like to say that Rob was present for me at the house inspection as I was still in Ontario at the time tying up loose ends.

Having kept in touch with Rob this past year and having discussed real estate on numerous occasions I am quite impressed with his marketing strategies. His use of multimedia and social networking is definitely going to give him an edge over those who are presently in the market.

I will have no issue or second thought using Rob to sell my house should it ever come to it.

Yours truly,

Michael W. Schlingmann