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With the volatility in today's stock market and so much turmoil publicized by our media, it's no surprise why people of all walks of life are placing their trust into Vancouver's real estate market- particularly homes. However just like any form of investment, success in a Vancouver Real Estate is based on finding a property that meets your investment strategy. This starts us pending the time to understands your goals, helping tirn these goals into a strategy, and then applying current market knowledge to locate the property to fulfill your goals in both short and long term.

Whether you are a new investor, or someone who already owns multiple properties, we can achieve success together

Strategies for Real Estate Investment vary on many factors, but to categorize the main two ways of seeking property are as follows:

1. Sale/Turnover Profit: Buying a property and selling at a profit.
2. Rental Income Profit: Building Equity by collecting monthly rent as a form of periodic income, with the eventual plan to sell for a gain in value.

Many investors will make an investment decision thats involves both strategies, as larger gains will often occur over time and so naturally the rental becomes a form lf income to offset or ideally outweigh the ongoing costs or property ownership. This is definitely a common strategy in Vancouver, as prices in our real estate market continues to rise, tempting investors to sell and gain a large profit.

It can seem fairly simple, but you must realize that just like all investments there is an element lf risk, and the success of your investment is contingent on finding the right opportunity and carefully weighing the risk involved to capture the returns desired.

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