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The Vancouver Aquarium welcomed thousands of jellyfish, including the Japanese Sea Nettle to its waters this week with the introduction of its Jelly Invasion exhibit, which opened Thursday.  There are 15 weird and wild species of jellies from around the world on display, including some that defecate out of their mouths and others that can cause heart attacks within minutes of stinging a human.  For details on Jelly Invasion, visit   
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City staff are recommending council issue a development permit for four mixed-use buildings in Osprey Village.

The permit will allow Mosaic Homes to build 24 more units on four parcel located at the centre of the waterfront community in Pitt Meadows. The four three-storey buildings would house 12 ground-level commercial units, almost double the minimum square footage required by the development covenant.

In a report to council, city planner Dana Parr said the proposed buildings on the corner would be clad in brick and are reminiscent of an old Yaletown building.

The other two buildings are designed to look like a collection of townhouses with shops below.
Two waterfront lots set aside for a chapel and a restaurant or pub remain vacant.
The city said the development of the chapel and pub rest with the developer and no timeline has been set.

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LOCAL LUXURY - PORT MOODY Checkout this beautiful home that showcases all natural materials - from solid stained wood doors; extensive wood trim; hardwood floors; wood beams, to fossil stone in the kitchen. For More info click here: - Happy Friday!]]> Fri, 30 Mar 2012 11:01:59 -0000 SOME WEST COAST HISTORY - Photos of Vancouver 3/5

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HST transition rules for new homes announced
"We have now landed on April 1, 2013 as the date where we can do the transition responsibly," Falcon told reporters in Victoria.

Falcon also announced that as of April 1 of this year, the government will significantly increase the threshold for its HST rebate program.

The move means new homes costing up to $850,000 will now be subject to only a two-per-cent HST, as opposed to a seven percent provincial tax.

Currently, only homes up to $525,000 qualify for the rebate.

Falcon said his government is also introducing the rebate for new second and recreational homes sold outside the Capital and Greater Vancouver Regional Districts, costing up to $850,000.

Currently, there is no HST rebate for new second and recreational homes of any price.

Falcon said he chose the $850,000 level because that captures about 90 per cent of the market, adding people who pay more can clearly afford to absorb a bit of a hit.

"I just happen to believe that if you're able to afford a home above that level you are at a different level than the rest of us," he said.

Falcon also announced Friday the government is introducing a transition tax for homes built while the HST is in place, but sold after the PST is reintroduced.

That two-per-cent tax will take effect April 1, 2013 and will apply to new homes at all price points. He said the measure is meant to ensure a home bought before April 2013 and after are treated equally.

The two per cent number is significant, Falcon said, because that is the rough amount of tax that is embedded into a new home constructed when the PST is in place.

That is because under PST, tax is charged on building materials, whereas under HST materials are not taxed at all.

Falcon said all the moves are meant to provide certainty for both home builders and buyers, saying the government will not lose or gain extra revenues as a result of the measures announced today.

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Why it's a Good Time to Buy a Home in Canada
Here’s why:

Mortgage rates at historic lows: They can’t get any lower. Four to five-year fixed mortgages at 3 per cent are unheard of. It is lower than the variable rate that most Canadians have been paying for years. Rates have nowhere to go but up, either later this year or next. If you are paying a variable interest rate, lock in now.
Canada’s appeal: This country has everything going for it — a stable banking and political environment, steady real estate market, the natural resources people want and few social tensions. That makes us a safe haven in a volatile world.

Our immigrant draw: Because of the above, we’re a draw for immigrants, often wealthy ones. When they get here, they need a home. So in my view while the real estate market may level off in some areas of Ontario, it should stay strong in most of the GTA and likely Canada’s other large urban centres as well.

Mortgage defaults: According to CMHC, over 99 per cent of Canadians pay their mortgages on time. It quite a different picture in the U.S. where 7 million homes are in foreclosure and perhaps another 7 million homeowners are under water. This represents almost 15 per cent of all homes. So while the American housing market will likely be weak for the next few years, this should not occur in Canada. Our banks are not dumping homes onto the market, so there is no downward pressure on prices.

Recourse Mortgages: In many U.S. states, if you can’t pay your mortgage, the only thing the bank can do is foreclose; they cannot sue you for any shortfall. So when homes go under water, owners give the keys back to the bank. In Canada, loans are almost all Recourse, meaning if you don’t pay and there is a shortfall, the lender can sue you for the difference. This is another reason why, in my opinion, even if times do get tough, Canadian homeowners will find a way to make the payments until things improve.

Income-to-price ratio: Another misleading statistic is that in major markets, like Toronto, the average price of a home is now 4.6 times the income of the average Canadian. This same statistic was found just before the U.S. and UK markets went into the tank. However, if you look at median incomes of Canadians against the median cost of homes, this average comes down to around 3.5, which is not dangerous. Using averages are wrong. A person receiving social assistance will not buy a home, and should not be included in any relevant statistic.
High consumer debt: The warnings about rising debt ratios must be examined carefully. The Governor of the Bank of Canada is worried that the average personal debt ratio is now 156 per cent in Canada. This means a household making $100,000 per year, owes $156,000, two-thirds of which is mortgage debt. Why is this so bad? At an interest rate of 3 or even 5 per cent, the amount needed to service the debt is manageable. Most people do not pay off their mortgages in one year. Still, this is another good reason to consolidate your debt now, at these low interest rates, and lock in.

No guarantees: Nobody can predict the future and there’s always the possibility of a major economic shock. Yet, in a U.S. presidential election year, politicians will do whatever is necessary to prevent it. If the economy goes into the tank, so do re-election chances. The U.S. is already showing signs of economic recovery.

No matter what, do not take on a monthly payment higher than what you can afford. Meet with your lender or mortgage broker in advance to figure out what you can afford before you start looking for a home. It may be the best time to buy, but you need to buy smart.

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